What is Erasmus Mundus

Key Action 1 (KA1): Mobility with program and partner countries

KA 1.2 Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMD)

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMD) have the following objectives:

  • Promote excellence, innovation and internationalization of higher education institutions
  • Making the European Higher Education Area (EHR) more attractive and supporting the EU's external activities in higher education
  • Improving the competencies, qualifications and employability of masters graduates

  • The integrated courses of study for obtaining joint Erasmus Mundus master's degrees (EMJMD) are offered by international consortia. Consortia can apply that are composed of at least three European universities and offer a joint international degree program that leads to a joint degree (double, multiple or joint degree) and includes at least two mobility phases in two different European countries. Where appropriate, consortia may also involve other educational and non-educational partners with specific expertise covered by the joint program.

    After a year of preparation, the consortia select students in the three following years who will be awarded a joint degree (joint degree) or a multiple degree (multiple degree) at the end of their studies. The funding also includes the award of scholarships to highly qualified international students who are selected for this program.

    The use of certain monitoring and quality assurance mechanisms is necessary for the consortia to effectively monitor the joint master’s degrees. Further information on quality assurance can be found on this website.

    The call appears once a year in the fourth quarter.

    Relevant documents for project planning and application are the respectively valid Erasmus + Program Guide, the corresponding call and, if necessary, additional guidelines for the respective call.
    You can find all the information on the website of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency: EACEA.

    The application is submitted electronically via an interactive PDF document. The EACEA will make the electronic application documents (E-Form) available after the call has been published.

    The application must be submitted in electronic form and consists of:

    the completed E-form consisting of Part A-C
  • Annex 1: Step 1 - Description of the project: Award criterion "Relevance of the project"
  • Annex 2: Step 2 - Description of the project: Award criteria "Project design and implementation; Project team and cooperation arrangements; Impact and dissemination
  • Annex 3: JMD Grant request / JMD Typology
  • Annex 4: Declaration on Honor & Mandates by each full partner

  • and, if applicable, the following optional attachments:
  • needs analysis of the proposed JMD course
  • business plan of implementing the JMD project
  • letters of endorsement / intent from associated partner organizations
  • blank copies of the proposed master degree diplomas (s)
  • model of Diploma Supplement
  • (draft) consortium agreement
  • (draft) student agreement