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12 great climbing halls in Austria, Germany and Switzerland

Off to the climbing hall
Magazine • January 29, 2020

The days are short, it's cold and humid. In winter the climbing hall offers the perfect alternative for everyone who wants to stay in training, who wants to start climbing or who simply want to really work off again.

We have put together different climbing halls in Austria, Germany and Switzerland for you, which convince with their size and innovative design as well as their qualities as a cozy scene meeting.


1. Mühldorf climbing hall, Carinthia

The largest climbing hall in the south of Austria offers 110 tours of all levels of difficulty. It is a meeting point for hobby and professional climbers and even a training center for mountain rescue or alpine police.

The climbing hall Mühldorf in Carinthia is the largest indoor climbing facility and a magnet for the climbing scene in southern Austria.

2. The climbing - Kletterzentrum Klosterneuburg, Lower Austria

Since it is often a bit tight in the climbing halls in Vienna, the Alpine Club sections Austria and Edelweiss took the initiative a few years ago and built a modern, large climbing hall on the Happayland area in Klosterneuburg. Due to the perfect connection with public transport from Vienna, the hall is definitely a good alternative for Vienna.

Thanks to the initiative of the Alpine Club sections Austria and Edelweiss, part of the tennis halls on the Happyland area in Klosterneuburg was quickly converted into an ingenious climbing center. The result is “Die Kletterei” - a meeting point for hobby and professional climbers alike.

3. Innsbruck climbing center, Tyrol

If you introduce a number of large, modern climbing halls, then the Innsbruck climbing center, or KI for short, should not be missing. After all, it is one of the largest and most modern halls in the world. Both top-class and popular sports are taken into account here, and the hall with its cozy bistro has quickly developed into a hot spot.

As a sign of the new climbing dimension, visible from afar, the three imposing climbing towers protrude high in the open air. The Innsbruck climbing center (KI), newly built in 2017, is one of the largest and most modern in the world.

4. City Adventure Center in Graz, Styria

Everyone should feel comfortable in the City Adventure Center Graz, whether young or old, whether amateur athletes or professionals. On a climbing area of ​​2,300 m2 in fact, they all find a place next to each other. If it is warm enough outside, the bouldering wall with mats and lounge chairs offers a particularly chilled-out corner.

5. Felsenfest - climbing hall Saalfelden, Salzburg

With a hiking height of up to 17.5 m, the climbing hall in Saalfelden im Pinzgau is really impressive! You can also really work out with a guarantee in the overhanging walls of up to 10 m.

With a wall height of up to 17.5 m, the modern, bright climbing hall in Saalfelden im Pingzau is definitely impressive. Especially on rainy days and in winter, it is a popular playground for everyone who feels particularly comfortable in the vertical.


1st DAV climbing center Hamburg

With the Climbing Center Hamburg, the DAV section Hamburg and Niederelbe has created the largest climbing hall in northern Germany. This is where everything that has rank and name meets. Top-class competitions are held at least twice a year.

The climbing center Hamburg of the DAV section Hamburg and Niederelbe offers the largest climbing hall in northern Germany.

2. Area 85 south rock Berlin

The area of ​​Area 85 is something like the sports mecca in the middle of Berlin. Nowhere else do you move more than in this part of the city. The area also includes the South Rock climbing hall with an indoor and outdoor area that is impressive. On a climbing area of ​​1,500 m2 Climbing enthusiasts will find countless tours and boulders in all levels of difficulty.

In the middle of Berlin, Area 85 offers sports facilities until you drop. The climbing hall with 1,500 m2 in the indoor area alone represents something like the centerpiece.

3. Mönchengladbach climbing church

Here in North Rhine-Westphalia it has become possible what would be unthinkable elsewhere: a church has been converted into a climbing hall. On the outside, you can't tell from the outside of the church that inside it is no longer - just - singing and praying, but in fact the innovative climbing church has retained a really important property: It is still a meeting place for young and old, offers fun Get together and exchange.

Climbing in a church? Yes, there is actually something like that in the Mönchengladbach district of Waldhausen. You can climb on 1,300 m2 between the nave and the sacristy.

4th DAV climbing center Pfalz Rock

With over 100 routes on a climbing area of ​​1,000 m2 the DAV climbing center Pfalz Rock is also the state performance base. Creating challenging and varied tours is particularly important to the route builders here. By the way, amateur athletes can learn a lot from the professionals.

With over 1,000 m2 of climbing area and more than 100 routes, the DAV climbing center Pfalz Rock is not only a place where the climbing scene meets to exert themselves, but also the state performance base of Rhineland-Palatinate.

5. Rocklands climbing center Saarlouis

Far in the southwest of Germany there is a climbing hall that can best be described with the adjectives large, bright and spacious. The Rocklands climbing center Saarlouis in Saarland offers a modern 1,700 m2 Countless tours to climb. Particularly impressive is the 16 m high speed duel wall in the outdoor area, where things can get hot.

The climbing hall Saarlouis can be perfectly described with the adjectives big, bright, spacious. The modern facility impresses with 1,700 m2 of climbing area inside and outside as well as 400 m2 of bouldering area.


1. bimano boulder in Bern

In the former logistics center of the Post, a new boulder problem can be tackled every week on an area of ​​800m². Bars, slopers, pinches and pots provide the necessary arm strength. Families with children can look forward to a small play area.

In the Bimino bouldering hall in Bern, there are not only tricky bouldering problems to be solved. In addition, bars, slopers, pinches and pots of every level of difficulty are available and you can train hard.

2. GRIFFIG climbing hall in Uster

4,900m² climbing area make the "Griffig" the largest climbing hall in Switzerland. 17 meter high walls with different inclinations, a large boulder area and a covered outdoor sector make the hall an Eldorado for climbers.

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