Why is gambling illegal in Islamic countries

Betting and Gambling in Islam"A grave sin"

"I ruined my life. Today I live in poverty and I feel bad every day. If you regret so much, you can no longer be happy. I used to lose control regularly when we bought cards in Turkish cafes the men's round or I was at a machine again with my last money. The coins have disappeared one after the other. It then ran down my spine when I had nothing left to play. Only then did I get to mine Responsibilities reminded. Of my wife and children. One is ashamed and wants to sink into the ground. "

Money problems

This man would rather go unrecognized on the radio. He is a Muslim - many especially young Muslim men in Germany like to bet or play other games of chance. Studies show this, and this is also confirmed by Mathias Rohe, Islamic scholar and lawyer at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg:

"I myself know from my field research that quite a few family conflicts result from husbands and fathers gambling. And that for really large sums - the family gets into trouble accordingly. Neglect, financial difficulties and the like."

Gambling is 'haram'

But what does Islam say about gambling and betting? For Serap Guler, a Muslim and State Secretary for Integration in North Rhine-Westphalia, this is not compatible with Islam:

"Gambling or betting - as I understand it - must be forbidden according to Islam because the big issue of 'haram' comes up again. How did I get this money? Did I hurt someone? I very likely did, there anyone lost that money. So, as I understand it, it is money made under bad circumstances. "

Gambling is "haram", which means it is religiously forbidden. This is also confirmed by Mathias Rohe, an expert on Islamic law:

"There is a very clear opinion. That is rejected. There is also a strange statement in the Koran. Maysir - the game, is forbidden. So a clear rejection of the whole thing, which apparently does not prevent a significant number of Muslims from joining anyway to participate in it. "

"Waste of time"

A corresponding passage in the Koran is sura 2, verse 219:

"They ask you about the wine and the lottery ticket. Say: There is a grave sin in them. And at the same time they are of use to people (sometimes). The sin that lies in them is greater than their use."

Nevertheless, numerous sports betting offices or casinos in Germany are run by Muslim men. The integration expert and Muslim Serap Guler has a clear opinion:

"I do not believe that it is Islamically legitimate that Muslims run or operate these betting shops or, worse or just as bad, waste their time there."

Gambling in Islamic Countries

Nevertheless, there are also betting and gambling in Islamic countries. Some Arab states such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia do not allow casinos, but money is wagered on camel races there. In Turkey, the state operates its own lottery, and millions of Muslims take part. The president of the state religious authority Diyanet, Ali Erbas, still doesn't believe in the lottery, as he explained on Turkish television:

"This example shows that something can be legally legal, but at the same time also religiously forbidden."

So if betting and gambling are very clearly forbidden in Islam - why are so many Muslims involved? Because they are only human, says the Islamic scholar Mathias Rohe:

"Even Muslims are not just Muslims. First of all, they are differently pious. Different willingness to adhere to the rules. And they are also guided by many other things than just their religion."