Was Alexander successful in conquering India

Alexander the Great in India

On his great campaign, Alexander the Great also reached India. From Macedonia he extended his sphere of influence further and further east. He was certainly also curious about this distant land, around which many stories and secrets entwined.

In February 326 BC Alexander crossed the Indus and reached the northwest of India. On his march he subdued several Indian princes. Omphis, the ruler of Gandhara, recognized Alexander as the overlord without any problems and supplied his army with provisions and another 5,000 soldiers for his fight against King Porus.

Victory over Poros

Because Porous, another prince in northern India, refused to submit to Alexander. Poros' army included 2000 giant war elephants, on whose backs the archers and spear throwers sat.

However, Alexander managed to defeat his opponent in the Battle of the Hydaspes to defeat. He divided his troops and in particular let the spearmen attack the elephant. The elephants panicked and ran back to Poros' troops. So Alexander was able to defeat Porus. Porus recognized Alexander's rule and became its governor.

Reversal of Alexander's army

Alexander now wanted the kingdom Magadha conquer in the northeast. Still far from there, however, his soldiers refused to move on, because the heavy rains and the climate made them very difficult. So there was nothing left for Alexander to do but give in and turn back.

The army began its retreat through the mountains, over the Indus and through the desert of Gedrosia. Three quarters of the army was killed.