What are misunderstandings about Gaza

Hamas member shot dead on Gaza border

A fatal incident occurred at the Gaza border fence on Thursday morning (symbolic image)

In an incident at the Gaza border fence, Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Hamas member on Thursday. They mistakenly believed the Palestinian was an armed terrorist.

JERUSALEM / GAZA (inn) - The Israeli military described the incident involving a Hamas member who was shot near the Gaza border fence on Thursday as a "misunderstanding". Israeli soldiers shot the man on the northern border that morning because they thought he was a terrorist.

“Two Palestinians approached the area in front of the border fence early in the morning in the northern Gaza Strip. Behind them was a reluctant Hamas member who was supposed to take the people back to Gaza, ”said the Israeli military. "An initial investigation indicates that the soldiers who came to the place thought the Hamas member was an armed terrorist and fired at him because of this misunderstanding." The incident will be further investigated.

Hamas threatens retaliation

Hamas also commented on the incident: “We will not accept this shooting without a reaction on our part. Israel will pay for these acts. ”Israel deliberately fired at a Hamas member who had done his duty. Palestinian security circles say the Hamas member tried to prevent a twelve-year-old who was hunting birds from approaching the border.

The incident came at a time when a delegation from the Egyptian secret service was on its way to the Gaza Strip to negotiate another ceasefire with Israel. The group should also initiate a reconciliation talk between Hamas and Fatah.

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