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A Evangelion (short: EVA; jap. エ ヴ ァ ン ゲ リ オ ン, Evañgerioñ), officially referred to as Humanoid Autonomous Multipurpose Weapon System - Artificial Human Evangelion[1], is a gigantic humanoid being which is used to fight the angels. They were developed by GEHIRN on behalf of SEELE.

Development [edit | Edit source]

The Evangelions were developed as part of Project-E. Between 2000 and 2003 the UN Research Laboratory for Artificial Evolution, otherwise known as BRAIN, started the first attempts to develop Evangelions. The first attempts, however, failed.

Manufacturing [edit | Edit source]

The artificially manufactured parts, such as armor or weapon modifications, are manufactured or assembled in the respective branches of NERV around the world as well as in Japan. EVA 00 and EVA 01 were manufactured in Japan, EVA 02 in Germany and EVA 03 and EVA 04 in the USA. The Evangelion was mass produced in various branches around the world.

In the case of the bodies themselves, a general distinction is made between the two seeds of life, Adam and Lilith, from which the Evangelions are "cloned".

Adam's clones[Edit | Edit source]

All Evangelions except EVE 01 were cloned from Adam. It can be assumed that genetic material is used to allow a new body to grow.

Lilith's clone[Edit | Edit source]

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Evangelion Unit 01 is the only unit cloned from Lilith. Lilith's legs were cut off so that the unity can grow out of the angel.

Souls [edit | Edit source]

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Usually an Evangelion is a soulless being. Therefore, he cannot act independently, cannot move, or the like.

In order for the Evangelion to be used, a soul must be placed in it. This soul represents the pilot of the Evangelion[2]. For this reason, an EVA is not controlled remotely but operated by a pilot in it.

But for an Evangelion to reach its full potential, a soul must exist at its core[3], the EVA itself needs a soul. The pilot of the EVA and the soul in the core must be compatible with each other, therefore the soul of the mother is always used by the respective pilot. EVA 01 and EVA 02 have the respective souls of the mothers of their pilots.

Since EVE 00 (probably) has no soul, since Rei Ayanami has no mother, this unit often causes problems[4]. Whether Evangelion Unit 03 carries the soul of Toji Suzuhara's mother cannot be said with certainty, but it is very likely since his mother has also died - More about EVA 03's soul can be found here.

It cannot be said whether the mother's soul is first transferred to the Evangelion and then the pilot is selected, or the pilot is selected first, then the mother's soul is transferred.

Children [edit | Edit source]

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The so-called Children are the pilots of the Evangelions. Officially they are chosen by the Marduk Institute, but in reality they are chosen by Gendo Ikari[5]. All potential pilots attend Class 2-A at Neo-Tokyo 3. They all attend the same class so that NERV can secure them and keep them ready.

How exactly the children are selected is unclear. Nevertheless, we know that the mothers of all candidates have died and therefore a soul is possible for the Evangelion to be controlled.

How it works [edit | Edit source]

Entry plug[Edit | Edit source]

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The entry plug is the pilot's "cockpit". It is capsule-shaped and is located on the neck in the spinal cord[1] of the EVA. The lower end reaches the energy core. The pilot himself sits in a large seat in which the two hand controls for the pilot are also attached.

For synchronization, the entry plug is filled with LCL, which is later electrically charged so that it becomes transparent. After completing the synchronization process, the pilot has access to an approximate field of vision similar to that of a person, only through the eyes of the EVA. If necessary, holograms can be used in the cockpit to display further information.

How deep the entry plug is in the Evangelion varies depending on the synchronous value.

A10 nerve connection[Edit | Edit source]

The so-called A10 nerve connection of the pilot is used for synchronization. This nerve is synchronized with the Evangelion so that there is a connection between the pilot and the Evangelion. Through the A10 nerve connection, not only control commands are exchanged between the pilot and the EVA, but also feelings such as pain or emotions.[1]

Synchronous value[Edit | Edit source]

The synchronous value is a percentage measured value of the connection between the pilot and Evangelion. The lower the value, the more difficult it is to control the Evangelion, the higher the better - the Evangelion and the pilot synchronize with each other. Should the mark of 400% be exceeded, the soul leaves the pilot's body while the body itself dissolves into LCL.

Goal [edit | Edit source]

Publicity[Edit | Edit source]

The public knows the Evangelions as a weapon against the angels and thus as a protective measure for the population.

At NERV[Edit | Edit source]

Secret organs like NERV are told that the goal of the Evangelions is to protect humanity from another impact, the Third Impact.

The project for the perfection of mankind[Edit | Edit source]

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With the help of the Evangelions, SEELE has planned to carry out the project for the perfection of mankind in order to bring mankind to a new level of evolution. For this purpose, the third impact is to be triggered on purpose.

There are two versions and main goals of the project for the completion of humanity: On the one hand, SEELE wants to unite humanity, on the other hand, Gendo Ikari wants to use the project to meet his late wife Yui Ikari again.

Naming [edit | Edit source]

All Evangelions are numbered from EVE 00 upwards.

In addition, EVAs are divided into three categories: prototypes, test models and series models. Evangelion Unit 00 represents the prototype as the first functioning Evangelion after many failures. EVA Unit 01 is the only test model - whether it has anything to do with its special construction can be speculated. All traditional Evangelions from Evangelion Unit 02 are series models, which are more mature and less prone to problems than the first two units.

In addition, there is the Evangelion mass production, which describes the units 05 to 13. They are identical in structure and are therefore referred to as mass production.

The name [edit | Edit source]

The name Evangelion is derived on the one hand from Eva from the biblical story, on the other hand from the Gospel or Euangelium, which is ancient Greek for "Good News".[1]

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References [edit | Edit source]

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