Marketing priorities for emerging businesses

Data-driven marketing is currently a high priority for German digital decision-makers, followed by cross-channel. A study shows what managers still value and what is less important.

Data-driven marketing is currently most important for digital decision-makers, as is cross-channel, the use of target group information for campaign planning and better integration of online and offline measures. This is shown by the Digital Marketers Census 2015, which the advertising technology company Marin Software carried out in Germany, France, the UK and the USA. In Germany, 106 decision-makers for digital marketing were surveyed.

The priorities of German managers are also very high in the US and UK. In the next few months, the issues of transparency and understanding the digital approach to customers in emerging markets such as Russia, Brazil and China will have the least significance for those responsible for online marketing. Automated media buying is also not seen as urgent and is in the middle of the ranking in terms of priorities.

The ranking of the priorities of digital marketers in Germany (multiple answers possible):

  1. Cross Channel Online Marketing (57 percent)
  2. Use of target group information for campaign planning and implementation (51 percent)
  3. Better integration of online and offline measures (39 percent)
  4. Closer collaboration with IT / Business Intelligence (37 percent)
  5. Investment in more modern technology for more target group insights for campaign management (35 percent)
  6. Programmatic Buying / Automated Media Buying (25 percent)
  7. Better integration of online channels (22 percent)
  8. Hiring employees with data analysis skills (19 percent)
  9. Create transparency about how the online agencies invest the budget and what comes out of it (nine percent)
  10. Understand how digital customer approach works in emerging markets such as Russia, Brazil or China (eight percent)

In an international comparison, Germany is a model student

As the study also shows, in an international comparison Germany ranks at the top when it comes to the dovetailing of online and offline channels into an integrated campaign. Every third company has therefore achieved full integration. In the US and UK only one in four marketing executives says so.

When it comes to the interlinking of purely online channels, 43 percent of German decision-makers consider themselves to be well positioned. In the comparative markets of the USA and UK, 27 percent of those surveyed state that online marketing measures are coordinated with one another.

"I would say the message has arrived. In order to address the user with the most relevant advertising possible, it is important to consider and coordinate the entire customer journey," explains Andrea Ramponi, Regional Vice President DACH at Marin Software. "Profile data help to address users in a highly individual manner. These findings are currently being put into practice in the marketing departments with the highest priority," says Ramponi.

The Digital Marketers Census was implemented in parallel in Germany, France, the UK and the USA in the first quarter of 2015. The complete study will be published in mid-June.

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