What's your favorite vegan cauliflower recipe

8 easy vegan cauliflower recipes - delicious & healthy

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Cauliflower, oh cauliflower - who doesn't love you? 

Cauliflower is one of the most popular vegetables in German-speaking countries and is one of the healthiest vegetables at all. Not only is it extremely nutritious, it is also super tasty and a real all-rounder.

The white florets can be enjoyed raw or cooked, and can be prepared lightly or heartily. For example as a salad, spread, curry, pizza, Bolognese sauce, and and and ...

In this post I share my 8 favorite cauliflower recipes with you. Be inspired and get creative!

I hope you will try one or the other cauliflower recipe and I am really looking forward to your feedback!

If you follow a vegan diet, you don't have to go without anything - not even spaghetti Bolognese! This gluten- and soy-free vegan Bolognese sauce made from cauliflower is super easy to copy and you only need a few simple ingredients!

Cooked together with potatoes and coconut milk, you can conjure up a super creamy and tasty curry from cauliflower. It's really quick and easy and is the perfect filling dish for after work.

With roasted or baked cauliflower you can spice up a simple lentil salad into a special dish. The salad is perfect to take away as it tastes lukewarm or cold!

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This cauliflower pizza is a different kind of pizza. It is not only gluten-free, but also ideal for all low-carb fans. The floor is just a bit fragile so you have to be very careful with it so that it doesn't break apart.

Cauliflower doesn't always have to be cooked and is also delicious raw. For example as a raw vegan vegetable bolognese. This classic is the perfect light meal for warm days and can be prepared in just 15 minutes.

Cauliflower is also a good alternative to rice. You can enjoy this fresh, colorful cauliflower rice together with a delicious dressing as a raw vegetable salad or seared.

You don't need seitan or protein isolate to prepare vegan Buffalo Wings. There is an even better and easier way - with cauliflower! This has the perfect shape for the "wings" and becomes juicy and firm to the bite when baking.

This creamy cauliflower puree is a real all-rounder - you can use the delicious cream as a vegan spread, dip for raw food sticks or something similar, or simply as a healthy side dish. Unlike the original, this healthy variant does not require any butter, margarine or oil!


Feel free to write me your favorites in the comments below! I look forward to your feedback :)

Feel free to share this collection of recipes with family and friends to show them how delicious and versatile cauliflower can be ♥