Which is better submission wrestling or Bjj

Unlike many other ground fighting styles, we also cover the wrestling elements while standing

What can you expect in this course

You learn with us modern & completely independent grappling System (without combat suit).

We only train in normal martial arts clothing (tight T-shirt or rashguard & fightshorts).

Some of the techniques come from well-known martial arts such as Vale Tudo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (NO Gi BJJ), Sambo, Catch Wrestling, Dumog (Filipino wrestling) and merge into a meaningful organic system.

The training with us includes, among other things:

  • Wrestling (Wrestling while standing)
  • Takedowns(Throws and knocking down the opponent)
  • Submissions(Task handles)
  • Ground & Pound (Boxes on the ground)
  • Techniques for self-defense (Forbidden in competition but very effective in SV)

According to western martial arts tradition, the status of the trainee is not provided by a belt color, but only the permanent maintenance of the quality of the skill, the experience and abilities of the fighter in training & sparring.

Some representatives of the female gender also train in this course and have a lot of fun. Therefore: girls dare and come over!

This is what our grappling training brings:

- Basis for mixed martial arts training on the ground

- Improvement of strength, endurance

- Top functional fitness workout

- Self-confidence is strengthened

- Improvement of self-defense on the ground for men and women (e.g. prevention of rape attempts)


Tue from 7:30 p.m.

Thurs from 7:30 p.m.

Final instructions from Head Coach Chris Streit before the fight

South German Championship 2019 DCS fighters (red gloves)

Exotic leg locks and catch wrestling (oldschool grappling) techniques that you cannot learn on every corner are also part of our unique ground fighting style