Which smartphone does Mark Zuckerberg use

Data leak revealed: Mark Zuckerberg uses WhatsApp competitor Signal

Just a few days ago, another data leak on Facebook made headlines. Apparently, among the more than 500 million records, there was also a phone number from Zuckerberg himself - and it is now causing an embarrassing revelation.

Already long-suffering Facebook users had to accept another terrible news on the Easter weekend: More than 500 million data records from Facebook users, including their email addresses and telephone numbers, were freely accessible online.

According to Facebook, this was data from an older, well-known leak - but the publication came as a surprise, not least for Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg. Apparently a mobile phone number from Zuckerberg himself was hidden in the mountain of data. This was noticed by security expert Dave Walker, who had taken a closer look at the exposed data:

That alone should be pretty devastating if Zuckerberg is still using the number. What is more embarrassing, however, is that this number is also registered with another messenger service - Signal. This service of all things was recommended by many experts as a better and safer alternative to WhatsApp after the great outcry about the changed WhatsApp terms of use:

It is not known whether the account is a mere test account that has long since been orphaned - or whether Zuckerberg perhaps even uses the service regularly. The only thing that is clear is that the latest data breach will be remembered as rather embarrassing, despite all the company's attempts to weigh it down.