Who is Jessica Yaniv

Genital waxing is not a human right

13 beauticians in Canada were sued for refusing to depilate a male genital area. Namely by the transgender woman Jessica Yaniv.

Although she has male genitals, she still argued that the employees of several women's salons are trans-hostile and violate human rights because they failed to comply with her desire to have her penis and testicles grow.

The legal situation in Canada is designed in such a way that one has to recognize a person of the gender with which he identifies himself and that one has to reckon with legal consequences for questioning the situation.

Yaniv took advantage of this to sue the beauticians - piquantly, mainly immigrants from India or Africa who worked in small, simple salons. After five days of trial, the Court of Human Rights recently dismissed the case. Reason: "Human rights legislation does not oblige a service provider to wax a type of genitals for which he has not been trained and which he has not consented to."

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