What is Bjoern Skif's most successful song

The most successful one-hit wonders on Spotify

In a study by broadbandchoices, the 50 most successful one-hit wonder songs were compiled on Spotify. There are also some classics such as Mambo No. 5, Teenage Dirtbag or Dancing in the Moonlight. Who made it to number 1?

To get on the list, the 20 most followed "One-Hit-Wonder" playlists were analyzed on Spotify. Spotify plays from edits or new editions were added up. The top 50 of the hundreds of tracks were then chosen. The revenue table was based on an average of $ 0.005 per stream (based on the Digital Music News figures).

The problem with one-hit wonders? Most of the time, you only remember the song itself and can't do much with the artist himself. Most of them would therefore hardly recognize the artists behind the tracks on the street. Did you know that the singer behind Mambo No. 5 is a Munich resident? Or that the Italian band Eiffel 65, which is behind Blue (Da Ba Dee), went on tour in Australia in 2019? But one face should be known to many to this day: Gotye. The singer of 'Somebody That I Used To Know' became famous not only for the song but also for the accompanying music video. The song now has an impressive 1.65 billion views on YouTube. On Spotify, the Belgian-Australian artist managed to get half of it - 810 million streams - and thus to that Top position on the one-hit wonder list!