How can paint protect metals from corrosion

Corrosion protection - protect metal permanently from rust

Iron and steel are among the classic materials for outdoor use. They are ideal for railings and handrails, for gates, furniture and decorative elements. Metal actually has a very long lifespan - if it weren't for the influences from its environment.

Rain, frost, humidity, strong temperature fluctuations or simply signs of wear and tear from normal use leave their mark at some point. A metal object then no longer looks beautiful and can lose its functionality if it becomes more rusty. To avoid this, objects made of metal need a little care. With the right approach and the use of a TÜV-tested metal protective lacquer, e.g. from HAMMERITE, iron and steel stay beautiful longer.

Good surface preparation improves effectiveness

What is the correct approach to using metal protective materials? First of all, the parts and surfaces to be painted must be free of dust, dirt and grease. With the help of the HAMMERITE metal cleaner you get a clean surface and also improve the paint adhesion. Then you wash it off with clear water and let the surfaces or parts to be treated dry first.

Then the protective metal varnish is carefully stirred and applied. The second application takes place after a drying time of at least four hours. The layer thickness required for long-lasting corrosion protection is achieved after two to three applications when applied with a brush or roller. When spraying, it is reached after three to five applications.

Rusty metal beauty treatment

If the rust has already struck, the attacked metal must first be freed of rust. Rust nests are cracked open with a hammer and the rust removed with a wire brush or grinding tools. If the rust has already pecked small holes in the material, these can be filled with filler before the paint is applied. In the next step, the old coating is sanded with coarse sandpaper, the sanding dust is removed and the surface is cleaned with metal cleaner. Then proceed again as described above. Then you can look forward to flawless surfaces for a long time again!