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Owners 'association - 15 questions and answers on rights and obligations in the apartment owners' association (WEG)

8. Majority decision: The community of owners wants to decide something and I am against it - what can I do?

Anyone who buys a condominium must think about it in the clearbethat he becomes a member of a community and so does himself Subordinate to resolutions must be caught against his will. Even then, he has to share in the associated costs. There is little that can be done about this. At most, those affected can try to change the opinion of the other eligible voters in advance. Alternatively, it could be checked whether the resolution was passed correctly or whether a formal error leads to the corresponding resolution being legally ineffective.

It looks different if a Co-owner a specific concern want to enforce. Here it is advisable to speak to the parties involved about the application in advance in order to increase the chances of approval by the co-owners. This is usually more promising than letting the matter be put on the agenda on your own. Here, the applicant must expect that his proposal will be rejected and that a new attempt will be required at the following owners' meeting. This is time-consuming as owners' meetings usually only take place once a year.

The reform of the WEG has made it easier for each individual owner to enforce their own personal concerns, at least in some points. For example, he can demand that accessibility measures must be implemented on common property, e-mobility, burglar protection or the fast internet serve (ยง 20 WEG, Paragraph 2). However, he then has to bear the costs of this measure himself - and is allowed to use it alone.