What is your microphone of choice for video

Share your camera and microphone in Safari

Make sure you are using the latest version of Safari. This documentation was created for Safari 13.0.5.

For most operating systems, Chrome and Firefox are the best choices.

Share the camera and microphone for the video consultation


Open the system check and click on the "Test video" button.

Please select "Allow" in the browser dialog. Then you should see your picture in the preview window.

If the dialog does not appear and you cannot see your picture, right-click in the address bar of the browser. The use of the camera and microphone may be blocked there. You then have to reload the page.

Share the camera and microphone in the settings

If the settings listed above do not exist, you can try the following tips.

Open the browser settings via the menu and switch to the "Websites" area.

Check that a camera is selected and that our website is not on the list of websites to block. You can then close the tab.

General information

In some cases restarting the browser or even the computer helps. There are further information for OSX users.

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