Can you trust Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia belongs to the group of G20 countries and is one of the richest countries in the world. The reason for the wealth is the country's enormous oil reserves, which were discovered in the 1940s. In the last 40 years alone, Saudi Arabia's gross national income has increased more than fifty-fold. The population is also growing rapidly: almost 30 percent of the population are younger than 15 years. This enormous growth poses various challenges for the government: It is necessary to counteract the threat of youth unemployment and to create training and further education opportunities for the many young people. Energy and oil prices have been falling since the end of 2014, which has prompted the country to change its economic policy strategy, known as Vision 2030. Among other things, the dependence of the Saudi economy on oil revenues is to be reduced. There are also plans to introduce taxes on luxury items. As a long-standing partner of the government, GIZ offers Saudi Arabia support in implementing the new strategy.

So far, GIZ has mainly been active in vocational training and advice in Saudi Arabia. The current focus is on organic farming, safety and food safety projects. The project on organic farming aims to introduce standards and national labeling for organically produced food and to expand the spread of organic food.