What is cracked


Cracked - Etymology, description, practical tips. To be cunning means to be awkwardly smart and take advantage of yourself. A person who knows all the tricks so that it is difficult for others to outsmart him is called cunning. So a successful businessman can be called cunning, even if his actions can sometimes be on the verge of legality. Someone who acts openly and transparently may be at a disadvantage compared to cunning behavior in the short term, but honest lasts the longest and one is predictable for his fellow human beings.

Lakshmi, the goddess of beauty, can bring you joy even when you meet someone who is cunning or who appears to be so.

Cunning is an adjective related to cunning. You can find more about this quality, including tips on dealing with cunning in yourself or others, including video lectures, under the main keyword Cunning.

Cracked in relation to other properties

Clever is an adjective that describes a personality trait, a trait that is often counted among the downsides or even among the vices. The best way to understand a property is to relate it to other properties, to similar properties (synonyms) and opposites (antonyms).

Synonyms cracked - similar properties

Synonyms for the adjective torn are, for example, sly, selfish, unscrupulous, clever, efficient, thoughtful. And there are synonyms of this quality that are considered positive, e.g. smart, efficient, thoughtful.

Opposites of ripped - antonyms

Opposites, i.e. antonyms of risen, are, for example, predictable, humane, arrogant, insincere, fake.

The antonyms can also be divided into those with a positive meaning, which stand for virtues, and those with a negative meaning. Opposites to cracked with positive meaning are e.g. predictable, humane. One can also say: An important antipole or important antipole to cunning are naturalness, simplicity, childishness, spontaneity.

Opposites, antonyms that themselves have or can have negative connotations are, among other things, arrogant, insincere, fake.

Properties in the alphabet before or after

Here are some properties that come before or after torn in the alphabet:

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Words related to cunning and cunning

Here are some words related to cunning and cunning.

  • Positive synonyms for cunning are, for example, cunning, finesse, tactics.
  • Positive antonyms are naturalness, simplicity, childliness, spontaneity.
  • Negative antonyms are idiocy, bullshit, stupidity, donkey
  • A related verb is tear, a noun Agens is cunning

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