Can I make money writing product reviews?

So you can leave a rating & write reviews on Amazon!

Before you buy something online these days, you usually read one or more product reviews from other buyers and users. Many online retailers therefore integrate the option of rating products into their pages. So also Amazon (, where you can find a star rating next to almost every product. The reviews are important for both retailers and customers, which is why Amazon actively promotes them. In this article you will find out how you can rate products yourself and even earn money with them.

Table of contents of the article

How to leave a review

Before you rate a product on Amazon, you should of course have bought it. Amazon lists all the orders you have placed on your personal profile page, so that it is easy to go through all products and, if necessary, to order, return or rate them again.

To submit a review for a product you have ordered:

  1. Go to
  2. Click in the upper part of the image "My account" and log in with your access data.
  3. Then click on "My Orders" and choose the product you want to rate.
  4. The button "Write a product review" takes you to the page where you can write and submit your review.
  5. click on "Submit"to post the review and end the process.

After successfully submitting your rating, it will appear on the product page together with the other ratings for the product within a very short time.

Make money with the Amazon Vine Club

Purchased product reviews violate Amazon's usage guidelines, but are still a common problem on the platform. Especially because the reviews bought are mostly positive and thus falsify the average rating of a product. Amazon has therefore set up its own program to promote helpful product reviews, which "Vine" is called.

Members of the Amazon Vine Club get depending on their interest Products from different categories free of charge sent by Amazon and then have the task of write a review within 30 days and submit a review. According to Amazon, this does not necessarily have to be positive, but above all honest and constructive be.

How to join the Vine Club is not explained in detail. Amazon states on its side that customers after the Quality and usefulness of their reviews to be selected. There is therefore no application form and no address for applications. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Vine Club, we recommend that you evaluate as many products as possible that you have already purchased in detail so that your evaluations are considered useful by other shoppers on Amazon.

Amazon Top Reviewers:

Here is a list of the top rated product reviewers on Amazon: Amazon Top Reviewers

You get no cash for reviews when you are a member of the Amazon Vine Club. The earnings are therefore limited to the savings that you have by keeping the product and not having to buy it yourself.

Earn money with the product testers club

As an alternative to Amazon's Vine Club, there is also the Product Tester Club, which is active in Germany. This also sends free goods to reviewers in return for reviews on Amazon. In contrast to Amazon's Vine Club, the Product Testers Club is open to everyone. In theory, you don't have to wait for an invitation to enjoy free goods.

There are of course entry requirements. The Product Testers Club checks your Amazon profile for reviews that have already been written and their quality. Here, too, it makes sense to as many useful reviews as possible to be written before applying for membership.

Earn money with the Amazon affiliate program

Another way to earn money with reviews of Amazon products is the Amazon affiliate program. If you already have a Facebook, Instagram or YouTube channel entertain or post regularly on your Blog you can write yours there Amazon affiliate links publish and with it up to 12% of the purchase price per item purchased through your link.

Posting reviews of the articles on Amazon yourself is not necessary with this method. Rather, you rate or advertise a specific product on your own medium and are rewarded when your followers, subscribers or readers click on your Amazon partner link and order the advertised product.

How to get your own Amazon partner link:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the button in the upper image area "Become a partner".
  3. Log in with your Amazon account.
  4. Then fill out the form and enter the URLs for your social media channels or blogs.
  5. After completing the registration, you will have access to Amazon's partner network, where you can generate links to the products you have advertised.


There aren't many ways to make money from Amazon reviews. Two of them are limited to the fact that you are allowed to keep the rated products afterwards.

The advantages of the Amazon affiliate program over the Vine Club or the Product Tester Club are that you get money instead of an item for your contribution.

You will also be rewarded for as long as orders are placed on Amazon via your link. On the other hand, there is the fact that you need your own presence on the Internet in order to be able to use your Amazon partner links successfully.