Every psyduck is stupid like Misty's Psyduck

A duck, a dinner and a great love?

OneshotHumor, love story / P12 / Het
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“Sister Joy, Sister Joy! Help, you have to help me! ", The desperate cry of a young woman rang through the entire Pokémon Center. She came to a stop before the reception, out of breath. "Sister Joy, where are you?" She called, brushing the strands of orange hair hanging wildly on her face.
"Here I am already!", An excited nurse Joy came up to her. "Misty, my god, what happened?" The pink-haired nurse asked the young woman.
"My ... my duck! Please, you have to help him! An A-Arena fight ... ", Misty gasped for air.
"Chansey, you heard her, straight to the operating room!"
"Chansey!", The Normal-type Pokémon nodded resolutely and grabbed the Poké Ball from the trainer.
"Everything will be fine, don't worry," Sister Joy stroked her arm reassuringly and nodded at her with a smile, before turning around to run after Chaneira. Misty looked after her desperately before she turned around with a sigh and sat down on one of the chairs that had been set up especially for waiting coaches. She put her arms on her knees and put her face in her hands. A few tears rolled down her cheeks. Misty let it happen.
My Enton, my poor, poor Enton ... She didn't know how long she'd been sitting there, melting into self-reproach, before she heard a voice.
"Redhead, is that really you?" At first she couldn't place the voice, so she raised her head to look the other person in the face. When she blinked away the tears, she could only see the face that looked vaguely familiar.
It was Gary- "Eich!" She said, startled. "Hey finally, after a minute she recognized me!" He replied with a grin. Misty felt the old anger rise inside her every time she saw his arrogant grin.
“At least I even recognized you. You know, you don't have such a memorable face, I actually had already forgotten it! Besides, what are you doing here in Azuria City ?! "
"Hey, no reason to switch back to bitch mode right away. Actually, my intentions had been kind. I'm here for a few research projects, ”he held up his hands, still smiling.
Misty rolled her eyes. "What do you want, Eich? I really don't have the nerve for a conversation with you now! "
“I already noticed. Though who doesn't? You yelled it all over the center. Your duck, huh? What happened? ”Gary asked as he sat down on the chair next to her and turned to her intently. Misty narrowed her eyes suspiciously. How long has it been nice? No, since when has he been nice to her ?! However, he seemed genuinely interested and so she finally told him the whole story with a sigh.
How a trainer challenged them to win the Source Order. How they'd fought a bitter battle until she'd finally called Enton into battle. Though, as usual, Enton had called himself into battle. How she finally wanted to end the fight with a confusion attack and how the challenger had gotten ahead of her and how his Pokémon had used such a powerful attack that her poor Enton was knocked out. had been lying on the ground. "... and you know the rest of it," she finished sadly. There was brief silence on Gary's side before he abruptly stood up.
"I know exactly what you need now!" He said with a confident grin. Misty frowned suspiciously.
"And what?"
"A nice dinner with a charming company would certainly distract you" Gary held out his hand. Misty gave a short laugh.
“First of all, if I wanted to go out to dinner with a charming company, you would be the last I would ask. Second, I can't get out of here that easily. What if Enton needs me? "
"First of all," he replied. “I ask you and not the other way around, and secondly: You can't do anything for it now anyway. And just sitting here and driving yourself crazy won't make it healthy again. You might as well go out to eat with me "
Misty got up. “Forget it, Eich. I'm not one of those stupid, mindless girls who run after you in droves just to hang out with the oh-so-amazing-Gary-Eich! I'm sorry, but I have to go now ”, she got up, grabbed her purse and wanted to push past him when he stretched out his arm and prevented her from going.
"Redhead, redhead," he shook his head. "You have not changed. Still the same temperament and ego as before. ”Misty gasped for breath indignantly. "Now calm down and consider: Do you have anything special today?"
"N-no," she admitted.
"And when was the last time you had a nice dinner with someone?"
"I don't know," she said meekly. Gary put on a haughty grin.
"Well, you see. Well, that's how we do it now: You run home very quickly and change your clothes, because we can't go out like that" Misty looked down at herself, ashamed. No, you really couldn't go out to eat with stained and ripped pants and a tank top.
“And then I'll pick you up. Shall we say in ... an hour? Yes? Perfect, that's how we do it. Well then, see you later, Redhead! ”, He just turned around and left. Misty was too puzzled to say anything more.
It wasn't until much too late that she called: “Hey, Eich. I said I don't want to go out! In addition, my hair is orange and not red! "
But Gary was already gone. She looked after him in disbelief. Well great. Now she had to hurry and run home to change.

"One hour! One hour! That’s a typical man again, he doesn’t have to dress up very nicely, just a shirt and pants! No damn hair that you can't brush through- ”she grimaced in anger when her brush got stuck in her hair again. "-And no make-up to put on!" With a cry of frustration, she tossed her brush across her room. She turned back to her mirror and retraced the lipstick. She let her hair fall open over her shoulders. They were the only thing that hadn't changed about her in the past few years. Still orange, still short, and still those stubborn strands that hang across her face. She shook her head and examined herself critically in the mirror.
To the yellow summer dress, she had put a matching flower in her hair and put on a yellow ballerina. That had to work, Eich would be satisfied with that. Just then the doorbell rang. One last scrutinizing look and she was down the stairs and opened the door.
"Well, that's a lot better than before," Gary greeted her mischievously. She snorted without saying a word, picked up her purse and stepped out the door. When she realized he wasn't following, she turned to him with a raised eyebrow.
“So what is it now? Are you coming or do you want to put down roots here? "
Gary pushed away from the wall he was leaning against and said, “Don't panic, redhead, I'm already here. Even if I know that I'm irresistible, you don't have to get hysterical if I don't come right away. "
“You are neither irresistible nor did I get hysterical. You have such an incredibly large ego that it is hard to believe that there is still room for anything else next to you! ”She replied angrily. But that he always managed to piss her off! However, Gary just laughed and stroked his perfectly fitting hair.
“You just have to tell me something about ego! But- ”he said when Misty tried to interrupt him,“ we don't want to talk about that now. Finally I invited you to dinner and we don't want to argue, okay? ". He held out his hand to her. After a moment's hesitation, she accepted.
“You see, redhead, it wasn't that difficult, huh? And now we're going to eat, okay? ”. He offered her his arm. Misty hooked herself under but stared straight ahead. She wouldn't make it that easy for him.
“Can we stop by Enton beforehand? I want to know if it made it ... ", she swallowed hard at these words.
“I was at the Pokémon Center earlier and asked about it. He's doing fine so far, but he still needs some rest. So enough time to go out with me! "
Misty sighed.
"You never give up, do you?"
"Never, I'm not like Ashi-Boy!"
Misty was about to protest and defend her best friend, but stopped. Wasn't Gary right? Hadn't Ash given up on her? You replaced by other girls? The thought of it still hurt a little after all these years. So she was unusually silent and tried to banish any thought of Ash from her mind. Today she was out with Gary, there was no place for her childhood love. So she gave him a crooked smile as they continued on their way, talking.
The restaurant was well attended, but they could still find a quiet spot in an alcove. Misty eyed the candle and the red rose petals on the table skeptically.
Gary, having noticed her gaze, said soothingly, "Don't panic, redhead, this is not a date. I have no hidden intentions and I don't want anything from you. So let's enjoy dinner as friends, okay? ”Misty nodded slowly. Friends? Since when were you and Eich ... friends? "Well, it works. So what do you want? ”Gary asked her, pushing the menu over to her. Misty scanned it quickly without really noticing it, she was way too nervous for that.
"No idea, you decide," she pushed the card back to him. Gary gave her a funny look when he finished reading.
"Is what?", She asked uncertainly and brushed a strand of hair from her face.
"No, no only-"
"What can it be, gentlemen?" Interrupted the waiter Gary.
"Twice the special menu and the best red wine you have, please," Gary placed the order. The waiter wrote it on his pad, nodded briefly, and then withdrew discreetly.
"I'm just going to ... freshen up for a minute, okay?" Misty asked. Suddenly she felt sick. Gary gave her a smile and nodded.
In front of the bathroom mirror, Misty splashed water on her face and encouraged herself. "Okay, stop being so nervous, this isn't your first date, besides, you're just friends. Well, maybe not even that. Halloho? This is gary! Gary Eich! The swarm of girls par excellence, Ash's greatest rival and also possessed of so much self-confidence that one could equip the whole of Kanto with it! Who definitely doesn't want anything from you, I mean, that's what he just said earlier ... And you don't want anything from him either! He's selfish, doesn't care about feelings, only thinks of Pokémon, distracted you when Enton wasn't doing well, is going to eat with you now, although he could have any ... "
Damn it! Misty bit her lip. What was the matter with her? Why was she suddenly so nervous? Frustrated, she pushed herself off the sink, only to then look startled into the face of a strange woman who has probably come out of one of the toilets.
"Well, if you ask me, honey, you care about the guy," she said, washing her hands calmly.
"From Gary ?! No way! He's an idiot and I could never… So no! ”Misty snorted indignantly. The slightly older woman raised an eyebrow as she carefully brushed a few of her gray strands from her forehead. "That alone should be enough for you as an answer," she rubbed her hands dry and skilfully traced her dark red lipstick. "And if I may give you some well-intentioned advice," she turned around again, one hand already on the doorknob. “If a heartthrob goes out with a strong, tough girl like you even though he, I quote:“ Anyone could have it ”, and distracts you and comforts you, then he cares about you. And if I were you, I wouldn't let him go! ”With these words the strange woman marched out the door. And left Misty more confused than ever.
"Hey, there you are finally redhead! It's unbelievable how long it can take women in the bathroom! ”Gary greeted her as she came back to her table.
"That's why we always look better than you!", Misty replied quick-wittedly, but her thoughts were elsewhere. Gary frowned.
"Is everything alright with you? You look kind of ... pale. Are you getting sick? ”He asked. And did Misty hear a concerned undertone from there ...? No, she should stop thinking about it so much! So she put on a mocking smile.
“Wow, thank you, Gary! You know exactly what women want to hear! Where did you learn that from the countless girls who always followed you? "
“Believe it or not, I haven't ever dated any of these girls. I just needed something like ... friends. Oh man, does that sound sad ”, he laughed ashamed. His face had taken on a sadder expression. Not knowing what she was doing, Misty reached out and put her hand on top of his. He looked at her in surprise before acting cool again, but without pulling his hand away.
"All right, redhead," he leaned back, relaxed. "After all, not everyone can claim to be the grandson of the famous Professor Eich, to have fought in various leagues and to be a well-known Pokémon researcher!" Misty shook her head with a laugh. “And for a brief moment I really thought I had seen who you really are. And then your ego got in the way again. But- “, she looked at him provocatively. “I'm in no way inferior to you! Who can claim to be the arena manager of Azuria-City, one of the adorable sisters and the best water Pokémon trainer in the world! ”With a grin, she blew a strand of hair out of her face.
"Well, luckily you are not boastful! The best water Pokémon trainer in the world, so please. ”Misty was about to say something when the waiter came with the food.
“Once the“ Special ”menu and two glasses of red wine,” he put the meal down before filling the glasses. Misty didn't even notice it anymore. Her gaze was drawn magnetically to the plate, or rather to the food that was on it.
"What ... what is that?" She whispered softly.
“The“ Special ”menu consists of a piece of fried caterpillars, the legs of a pinsir and tamotberry salad. Why, is there something wrong with the dish? ”Asked the waiter, visibly confused. Misty heard his voice from afar. Only two words haunted her brain. Raupy and Pinsir. Beetle Pokémon. Beef Pokémon. She swallowed hard. With an effort she held back the unwanted tears that made their way into her eyes.
"Redhead? Is everything ok? Hey, Misty! "
Gary's voice barely reached her. But what triggered it.
"You idiot! You huge ... Argh! You knew it! You knew it! And I really thought you changed! God, I was so stupid! ”, She stood up“ The dinner, all that, that meant nothing to you, absolutely nothing! And I'll fall for your scam too! I'm so stupid! ", She felt a few tears of disappointment on her cheek, but they hardly bothered her. She had to get out of here. Right away.
"Redhead, wait, what's going on?" Eich's voice sounded really desperate. She spun around furiously. She didn't mind that the other guests were staring at her.
"Orange," she said coldly. "My hair is orange." Then, without saying another word, she stormed out of the bar.
She had only got a few yards when she heard the footsteps of him behind her. She wrapped her arms around her body and walked on quickly.She didn't know where to go. The main thing is far away from Eich. Far from this ... this ... Argh! She was so angry that she couldn't even think of an appropriate curse word!
"Misty! Misty please! Now wait! "
Regardless of his words, she hurried on. Quick, but she wasn't running. She would not give herself this nakedness in front of him. She still had that much pride. Thanks to her pride, he quickly caught up with her, because firstly he was taller than her and therefore could take longer strides, and secondly, he did not care about his pride. He ran.
Misty cursed herself mentally. Next time she would lock her pride deep in her basement and only pick it up again when it had learned to withdraw from time to time. As he should do now.
"Misty! So what's going on? Why did you leave me standing as I ordered and not pick me up? I felt really stupid! ”Gary asked, putting his hand on her shoulder so that she was forced to stop. She turned around angrily.
"You felt stupid? You felt stupid? How do you think I was feeling? ”Gary shook his head indignantly.
“Can you finally tell me what's going on now? I can't remember doing anything wrong! ”Misty crossed her arms in front of her body and gave him a mocking look.
“Oh no, don't worry, Eich, you haven't done anything wrong. On the contrary, it was me who made the mistake! "
Gary cocked his head in desperation.
"What mistake did you make that you are so mad now?"
"Going out with you was a mistake!" She snapped at him. “In the meantime you really made it that I believe you! That you've changed and ... and maybe you're not the loudmouthed idiot I always thought you were! But I was wrong about you! You're just dragging me to a Beetle Pokémon restaurant! Beetle Pokémon! Is that ringing, Eich? You just wanted to make fun of me like always! And I really thought you cared about me. No, I'm not angry. I'm disappointed. Incredibly disappointed. From you, from this evening but above all from me. I shouldn't have fallen for your scam. It was clear that the crush of girls Gary Eich could never mean it seriously with someone like me ”, she looked at him sadly, again tears were collecting in the corner of her eye. Her anger had subsided, leaving just disappointment. Then she turns on her heel.
She had come less than two meters when she heard his voice behind her: "I'm sorry". It was only four words, four words that hadn't even been pronounced particularly loud. And still Misty stopped.
“I'm sorry Misty. I know how much you loathe Beetle Pokémon. But I've never visited this restaurant, let alone known that they specialize in Beetle Pokémon. Also, I thought you read the card. I thought you knew what they are offering here. I probably should have asked. I'm so sorry. You're right, I was an idiot who gathered beautiful girls to make them feel good. And you're right that I have a big ego, so big that I even sometimes overlook the essentials in life. But there's one thing you're not right about, Misty, ”he stepped closer to her so that he could feel his warm breath on her neck. Her heart pounding, she turned to him. What was the matter with her? Something like that didn't really suit her! Besides, she was still mad at him ... wasn't she?
Nevertheless, she whispered softly: "With what?"
A faint smile fell on Gary's lips.
"That I could never be serious about someone like you."
Misty swallowed. Then she slowly looked into Gary's beautiful black eyes. He held her gaze and she could see that he was serious. Without saying a word, they looked at each other. Then Gary started grinning widely.
“Well, redhead, I've never seen you speechless. A really unique experience. "
Misty snorted mockingly.
“Oh, don't get used to it, Eich. That will definitely never happen again. You will still wish that I would be silent again! "
"Oh, you know, I know a very simple way to silence you," he leaned closer to her. She raised her eyebrow.
"And that would be?" His face came even closer to hers. Her breath mingled with his, and Misty's heart was beating so fast that she was afraid she would have a heart attack soon.
"I just talk so much that you can't get around to talking to me!" Laughing, he leaned back again.
"Gary Eich! Misty exclaimed indignantly.
"Maybe. But you're worse, redhead "
"Orange. My hair is orange, ”she could whisper before he came closer and kissed her.

It is done, my first uploaded fanfic! : D Actually, egoshipping is not my favorite Pokémon Shipping, but that's what I liked the most of all of my (felt) 2 billion written stories. Well, thanks for looking and maybe I'll get my first review? :))
- Your mess

Edit: A couple of points that bothered me and others :))
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