Why was 1930s makeup more glamorous

20s make-up - instructions for the glamorous look

1920s makeup isn't just extravagant, glamorous or provocative. It is that Reflection of female emancipation.

Women fought for a new role in society. your new found self-confidence was signaled with the war-related entry of women into the world of work. Fashion and make-up also changed monumentally in the 20s. The bob hairs, shorter dresses and finally discarded bodices were joined by blood-red lips and wicked eye make-up.

The 20s were the time when women did that Play with their charms perfected.

The glamor look of the 20s

The make-up that we show you here is above all the style of a glamorous and extravagant evening looksthat women like to wear at parties, dancers or actresses.

Film icon Pola Negri is a wonderful example of 20s styling. Via Wikimedia Commons.

in the Everyday life in the 20s on the other hand, the styling for the "normal women" was less glamorous and rather simple, since a large part of the population at the time had to attach more importance to the nutrition of the children and their getting through than to a beautiful look ...

A particularly beautiful one was in the 20s fair complexion viewed. While ivory tones were popular at the beginning of the decade, from the mid-20s onwards there was a shift towards cream and natural colors.

Liquid make-up did not exist in the golden twenties, powder was particularly popular for this. What is not conveyed in the black and white images is that strong blushthat accentuated the cheeks - often also circular.

Advertising poster from 1926/27. Via Wikimedia Commons.

With regard to the eyes it should be said that thin, elongated brows corresponded to the ideal of beauty of the time. Also the lid was made up quite heavily in the 20s make-up, mostly in dark tones, like Black, gray or brown. A kohl, usually made of cabbage, rimmed the eyes to make them look even more dramatic. The colors have been blended outwards.

Shades of red- especially darker colors like bordeaux or raspberry - were the favorite, later also orange tones, when it came to make-up for the lips. The ladies painted theirs Pointed mouths in height and narrower in width, which achieved a diva-like look.

What kind of Outfits you for this 20s make-up I will show you in my article on Marlene Dietrich fashion.

From the Marlene Dietrich inspired shoot, here you can see the finished make-up. Photo: Nóirín & Lyra. Make Up: Lisagie. You can find such a 20s / 30s inspired dress here *. Seegang Berlin * made the enchanting hair flower.

Instructions for your 20s make-up

Here are the instructions for the vintage-inspired 20s make-up, which made the wonderful Lisagie for my shoot with Nórín & Lyra.

For me, good preparation for a shoot always includes coffee. So please forgive that you always see me in the pictures with my cup in hand (by the way, an artificial eyelash landed in it in the meantime - so always be careful when putting on make-up and drinking :)).

But the result turned out to be particularly beautiful and I wish good luck trying it out!

Under this post you will see a linked oneList of products usedte.

1. For better handling, tuck your hair away to the sides beforehand. In this case I had already prepared them for hairdressing with light waves.

Tip: You should do one before applying make-up Facial care Instruct. For dry to normal skin, we recommend the normal cream from Nivea, for more oily skin, a base from Garnier is wonderful.

2. Make-up artist Lisa advises always with the eyes to start. For this you use a nude colored one Kohl. If you wear it above the water line - i.e. the line on the lower lid that touches your eye - the eyes appear larger and more alert.

3. To start the eye make-up, you wear one beforehand Concealer on your movable lid. For the Eyeshadow we use gold and brown tones here. So you start with the lightest shade - in this case gold - and distribute it as a basic shade over the entire lid.

4. Next should the Smoky eye Effect. To do this, you choose a dark (brown) tone and apply it to the song in the crescent around the outside of the eyeball.

Finally, blend the two colors. On the inside of the eyelid you can still go to the nasal bone with a lighter gold tone Highlights so that the eye looks fresher.

5. So that the Eyeliner If you have a particularly strong effect and lasts for a long time, spray your eyelash brush with a fixing spray beforehand. Then you paint with yourself dark eyeshadow a line along the upper lash line.

6. The eyeshadow will be outward blinded, and you're ready for the Foundation.

7. Wear yours Foundation all over the face. Light tones are particularly beautiful, but of course they also have to match your complexion. This will also cover the pearled off remains of the eye shadow at the same time.

Tip: To have a nice Cateye effect To achieve this, you can use the foundation to delimit the eyeshadow diagonally towards the eyebrow, as you can see in the picture above.

8. Now you start with the Contouring. This can make fine points in the face - but of course it is not absolutely necessary!

To the Cheekbones to highlight, it's best to pursue your lips. With a foundation stick you run along the lines below the cheekbones and then smudge them with a brush.

9. You can use the leftover paint from the contouring on the brush for your nose. Paint this right and left of your nasal bone and blur them too - this makes the nose look a bit narrower. Whether you want to contour your nose is up to you.

10. To your To fix makeup, you can simply brush your face with a light, colorless powder.

11. Then we recommend a matte bronzer to use. This blends the cheek contours more thoroughly and makes the skin tone of the face a little harder.

12. You can still make your face with the remains of the contour brush accentuate. To do this, brush your forehead and temples and under your cheeks.

13. Now you're wearing one Highlighter above the cheekbones.

14. The best reward after an elaborate make-up session is this red lipstick! Darker tones are perfect for a great 1920s make-up, but from the mid-20s the colors became lighter again. So there is no limit between berry red and orange tones. It is nice when your lip tone matches the eyeshadow.

Note that your Pointed upper lip runs in. First you paint the contour of your lips, then you color them completely. What a great look that already makes, right!

15. To the To highlight eyes finally, you can use your darkest eye shadow tone. You apply this under your eyes.

16. I'm a great friend of artificial eyelashes. It's amazing what long, full lashes can produce for a beautiful result! The easiest way to do this is to glue them on with tweezers. Test beforehand whether the length of the eyelashes is correct, if necessary you can simply shorten them with the scissors.

Tip: I like to take "Half" eyelashesthat only emphasize the outside of the eye. They are not that heavy and have a great, alert look.

17. When the lashes are firmly dry, you can do them inking.

18. The eyebrows must of course not be missing! With eyebrow powder you can draw them narrower, preferably a little longer than your natural brows. Eyebrow gel fixes this very well.

Et voilà! A stunning 20s diva looks at you from the mirror.

I'm glad you dared to do it with our vintage-inspired tutorial and would be very happy about your opinion on our instructions, including pictures of your results, of course!

We used these products for the 20s make-up *

Garnier Hautklar / Catrice Prime and Fine / Nivea Soft

P2 mattifying concealer

Manhattan Kajal Nude

Eyeshadow, such as Misslyn or L´ORÉAL, or mineral eyeshadow from lavera

Foundation stick

Manhattan Soft Compact Powder

bareMinerals highlighter

L´ORÉAL Glam Bronze

Nyx Setting Spray (fixing spray)

dark red lipstick

I'm a big fan of Maybelline Super Stay in Burgundy, Cherry Pie and Glowing Garment (great tip for a long stop!)

Essence Half Lashes

Lavera Endless Definition Mascara

Maybelline eyebrow powder

lavera eyebrow gel

A big thank you goes to the great make-up artist Lisa von Lisagie, who gave me the great 20s make-up conjured up and supported me with this post. We would also like to thank the dear Nórín & Lyra, who captured our styling photographically.

Upstairs I am wearing clothes from Frock & Frill * and hair accessories from Seegang Berlin *. You can find the clothes on the picture below at Vecona Vintage.Photos: Nóirín & Lyra. Make Up: Lisagie.

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