Dyes her hair white

Trend: hair color white

In times when red hair loses the image of the rare and mystical, as trendy nuances from strawberry blonde to copper to mahogany adorn the heads, the question is which hair color can actually stand out from others.

It should be popular. Have been spotted on international catwalks, on models, stars or bloggers. Distinctive and trend-setting but not mainstream. All of this has one hair color these days: white.

Mythical creatures? In any case: fabulous!

Not as fiery as red. Less sweet than pastel. The hair color white looks eccentric. It makes you think of elves and ice princesses or describe yourself with the words "cool" and "sophisticated" if you prefer less fairy-tale comparisons.

The special thing about the hair color white is that it is basically a natural hair color that prevails at an advanced age. So white hair is actually in contrast to youthfulness. A paradox that Kelly Osbourne and other young stars played with when they dyed their hair silver-gray and declared the so-called "granny look" to be their new color favorite. White is now the new gray, the cool alternative to hip pastel, the competitor to red as a symbol of courage.

How do you dye your hair white?

The hair color white is not far from platinum blonde. It is achieved by removing the natural pigments and intensive lightening - then the hair is tinted in a strongly matting direction.

If you are not sure whether the color is right for you, you can get advice from a Schwarzkopf Professional hairdresser in your area.

Which styling goes with the hair color white?

Hairstyles with clean lines such as a neatly cut bob, a sleek ponytail with straight bangs or an asymmetrical haircut emphasize the reduced and clearness of the white hair color.

Cuts with steps and fringes
such as a deliberately messy layered look (the so-called choppy bob), a feathery trimmed razor bob or a shag give the hairstyle depth and breathe naturalness into the white hair, which tends to be cool.

Braided and twisted elements worked into the hairstyle
are generally easier to see in light hair than in dark hair. In white hair - the lightest color level - braided and twisted patterns come into their own. A (color) advantage that you should take advantage of!

Which colors match the light hair