How are 3D photos taken

How to create 3D photos with any camera

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You can actually take 3D photos of non-moving objects with any camera and without additional tools. You will then need software to create a 3D image. A powerful software that is also able to generate 3D photos for different viewing methods is available free of charge. If you have any digital camera, a 3D photo will not cost you a cent, it will only cost you a little time.

A little theory
A 3D photo always consists of two images, which are taken horizontally offset at approximately the distance between the eyes. For this purpose, a 3D camera has two lenses that are arranged at this distance. The advantage: the stereo photo is generated when the shutter is released and moving subjects can also be captured.

If only one camera is available, the two photos required are taken one after the other by moving the camera between the recordings by the distance between the eyes. This shifting of the camera can be done exactly on a macro slide, for example, but with a little practice it can also be done by hand.

How to take a 3D photo in two steps

  1. Stand with your legs slightly apart and aim at a subject. The main subject must not be too close. A rule of thumb; the next object in the subject area should be approx. 3 meters away. Then put weight on your left leg and release to take the first photo.
  2. Without moving the camera, shift your body weight onto your right leg. As a result, the camera moves a little to the right, which roughly corresponds to the eye relief. Now release the shutter again to take the second photo.

So you have two recordings in the box, which can be combined into a 3D image using software.

Tip: Always take several pictures of a subject according to the same scheme. On the one hand, it can happen that one of the images becomes blurred, which means that a usable 3D photo cannot be created and, on the other hand, the basis of the recording can fluctuate with this method and result in different 3D effects. So the more source material you have, the more likely it is that a really good 3D image will be the result.

Create and view a 3D image
The two photos taken must now be combined into a 3D image using software. There are different methods for doing this. The images can be arranged in such a way that they can be viewed with a special eye technique (e.g. cross-eyed) without tools - or they can be prepared for viewing with 3D glasses. The free and recommended software StereoPhoto Maker masters almost all common methods.

Tip: Get yourself what are known as anaglyph glasses (made of cardboard for a few cents) and use the software to create 3D images that can be viewed with the anaglyph glasses. This is the easiest way for beginners to enjoy 3D, because viewing without aids with a special eye technique is not that easy to learn. In addition, you will find most of the 3D images on the Internet for viewing with anaglyph glasses, so that it is always worth buying glasses.

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