How waterproof is my smartphone

Waterproof cell phones

Protection class IP67

Smartphones that have IP67 are dustproof, own one complete protection against contact as temporary immersion.

In order to receive the code number IPX7, the smartphone has to survive a half-hour immersion bath at a depth of approx. 1 m - without the water having penetrated. A robust smartphone or cell phone is therefore not permanently waterproof with IP67. But it does offer a good protection against water in case of minor accidents like an accidental bath in the toilet.

Protection class IP68

On the other hand, if you click on a dustproof and waterproof smartphone with IP68 then you get that complete protection against permanent immersion. This means that your smartphone can now easily survive longer immersion baths.

However, even with this test method, the diving depth is no more than around 1 m. And that in turn means that your mobile phone does not necessarily have to be suitable for regular dives in the sea (salt water!) Or swimming pool - but in these cases there are others too Precautions. Still with IP68 you get a real one solid outdoor cell phone!

Further IP protection classes for smartphones and cell phones

In addition to the top classes IP67 and IP68, various smartphones and cell phones have alternative protection classes against foreign objects, contact and water. For example, you will become more frequent IP55 or IP58 Find. Some models also lack a protective code (marked with an X) in one of the two areas.

The Protection class IP55 at least offers one solid protection against dust, albeit not a complete one, as well as one good protection against water jets such as B. Rain or accidental splashes while bathing or washing up.

IP58 puts a lot on top when it comes to protection against water. These robust smartphones and cell phones, which are also part of the Outdoor cell phones are counted are moderately protected against dust and face water completely. Even longer immersion baths, for example when canoeing or kayaking, are no problem.

Cell phones with several protection classes - what does “IP65 / 68” mean?

The IP classes are determined in various laboratory tests. A device that complies with IP68 is protected against permanent immersion, is not automatically protected against water jets (e.g. from a garden hose) - that would be protection class IP65. This is why some smartphones contain information such as "IP65 / 58”. These devices can withstand both types of stress.